Pool Covers

Aquamatic Hydramatic – The Standard in Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic Pool covers are a layer of safety that can be used for the entire pool season.The benefits of an Automatic Pool Cover:

  • Prevents drowning of children and pets – Covers the pool for an easy layer of protection.
  • Helps keep the pool cleaner – Prevents debris from getting into the pool.
  • Maintain chemical residual – Saves on cost of chemicals.
  • Reduces evaporation of water – Save on water bill
  • Retains temperature of pool water – Saves on fuel cost
  • Quick and easy to open – Travels @ one foot per second

Why Choose a Hydramatic Cover System?

On the surface, most pool covers look similar, but the most important and costly part of any pool cover is the mechanism. The patented mechanism of the Hydramatic system represents the best value for your investment. The Hydramatic system is the most reliable cover system manufactured with the most extensive warranty in the industry. The Hydramatic system comes with a twenty-year limited warranty on the mechanism, and a seven-year limited warranty on the fabric.

  • Leaves and debris are collected when the cover is opened to remove rainwater.
  • Pressure relief valves gently stop the cover at end of travel.
  • No electrics near the pool, the powerpack (pump) can be placed up to 150 feet away.

Meyco Safety Winter Cover

Many pool owners purchase their safety covers to use as their primary winter cover. The safety cover provides a barrier to prevent drowning during the winter season. It also keeps out winter debris and snow while lasting many years longer than the traditional tarpaulin winter cover.

A safety cover creates a secure taut material barrier over a swimming pool. Meyco Safety covers come in a variety of colors (green, blue, black and Gray) and grades of material MeycoLite (standard grade polypropylene mesh), Rugged-Mesh (Special Weave, rugged grade polypropylene mesh), PermaGuard-Lite (Hi-tech , lightweight vinyl). They are oftentimes, custom-made to the shape of an in ground pool, and secured through a series of sewn straps with attached buckled springs, which in turn, secure under tension to threaded or pop-up styled brass anchors set in the pool deck.

Today, MEYCO safety covers are the choice for pools with raised spas, decorative rocks, multi-level decks, waterfalls, diving rocks and other modern features


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