Pool & Yard Safety Tips

Pools and Spas are among the most popular backyard amenities. We offer products that help increase the level of safety for family members and friends to enjoy them!

Supervision is the primary layer of protection. Studies show that 69% of drownings occur when supervision has failed and there were no other “backup layers” of protection.

Safety Products

Life Saver Barrier Fences
Barrier fences are intended to prevent small children and animals from gaining access to a pool or spa and are designed specifically for safety purposes.

  • Mesh or finely woven transparent material
    - Provides a strong and secure barrier
    - Allows for 96% visibility
    - Fabrication constructed to prevent the ability to climb or get a grip on the material
  • Light weight and removable
    - Easy to rollup and store

Gate Alarm

Our exclusive self-closing and self-latching wireless gate alarm will activate a Base Station alarm in the house if the gate is opened or if the gate fails to latch.

Pool Alarm

A pool alarm will sound when someone or something falls into the pool.

Door Alarm

The door alarm will sound in 7 seconds when the door is opened and will continue until an adult resets the alarm.

SVRS – Safety Vacuum Release System

When a swimmer becomes stuck to a drain or suction outlet, the force of the circulation system can be tremendous. The SVRS is an automatic suction force release system. When a drain becomes blocked, the SVRS provides a rapid vacuum release and quickly frees anyone whose body or limb is trapped on the drain.

Additional Layers of Protection – Safety Rules

If you miss your child, check the pool first!!!

Adult Supervision
Ensure that adult supervision is provided when the pool is in use. The adult must be able to swim! Do not leave the pool area for any reason without an adult being present by the pool.

CPR training
Learn CPR and accident procedures. Many local hospitals offer these types of programs.

Telephone by pool
Install a telephone at pool area. Numerous drownings are associated with the answering of a telephone in the house while the pool was in use by children.

Swimming instructions
All children and adults should have swimming instructions prior to using the pool.
Toddler Tips
Have your toddler trained for pool survival when they are able to crawl or walk to the pool.

  • They should be taught to navigate to a wall or steps and know how to get out.
  • Teach the child to roll over and float on their back. Also, ensure they are taught on how to get to the side of the pool and hang on.

Pool Rules
Establish definitive pool rules covering it’s use and more importantly, when it is not in use. Allowing the pool area to be used as a “play area” is a bad example. Isolating the pool area to be used for “swimming only” is the most essential concept of drowning prevention.

Pool Toys 
Do not leave objects in the pool that could attract children. Children who would not normally go near a pool because of fear may not even think about the water if they are in pursuit of a favorite toy in the pool.

Remove Staging Platforms
Remove tables and chairs that are near the pool fence. These platforms can be used to climb over the fence.

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